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Oriol Zemko, MSN, FNP-BC


Oriol Zemko, MSN, FNP-BC


Oriol has had a lifelong interest in whole-person health, integrative healing, and creative, systems-based problem solving. Their practice is rooted in the awareness that humans come from nature and have incredible capacity for recovery.

In college, Oriol studied ecopsychology and ethnobotany, alongside environmental, social, and natural sciences. Their undergraduate thesis explored how human health relates to the natural world; it highlighted nature-based therapies, such as wilderness therapy for at-risk adolescents and horticultural therapy in nursing homes. Oriol nearly enrolled in naturopathic medical training twice, but ultimately decided that a nursing pathway would also offer a great foundation for a healer who recognizes value in multiple kinds of science.

Oriol has worked as a Registered Nurse in various community settings since 2006, and served as a health and nutrition coach since 2012, with emphasis on whole food plant based nutrition. They became a Family Nurse Practitioner in 2019, in hopes of helping to subvert the “disease care” model in this country. Today, they are grateful to be offering primary
care in a place where every patient is recognized as a whole and unique person. Oriol recognizes that access to healthy living is not just practical and economic, but is a pathway to a better life in every sense! It is a social justice issue; when every person is empowered, communities have unlimited potential.

Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine (LM) is an evidence-based, patient-centered approach to healthcare, in which adjustments to daily life are the primary way to treat health problems. Prevention, treatment, and sometimes even cure are attained by managing stress, moving the body, eating optimally, getting adequate sleep, taking emotional care, and minimizing exposure to damaging chemicals. Although medications and procedures are sometimes appropriate choices, often they can be avoided. People experiencing diabetes, heart disease, mental health challenges, chronic pain, and issues with sleep, allergies, and digestion are very likely to benefit from a LM approach. Oriol has robust experience with whole food plant based nutrition, a core component of LM. They are currently pursuing board certification in Lifestyle Medicine.

Informed Medical Decision Making

Oriol believes that the most effective healthcare providers remain humble, start by listening, and facilitate collaboration with patients. When considering prevention, screenings, diagnostic tests, and treatment options, there may be a wide range of tools and approaches available. Patients have the right to consider quality information from multiple
perspectives, and discuss it with their health providers, before deciding what is best for them.

Gender Affirming Care

As a member of the gender diverse and LGBTQ communities, Oriol strives to provide affirming, compassionate, body-positive, and trauma-informed care, including primary care for adults and adolescents, and transgender medicine services. They use an informed consent model for hormone prescribing.  


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