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Family Medicine Specialist

Pohala Clinic PC

Family Medicine & Integrative Wellness Clinic located in Portland, OR


When selecting a medical professional as their primary care provider (PCP), many people are surprised by one of their options: a provider who focuses on family medicine. They understand that pediatricians treat children, or maybe that gerontologists treat the elderly population, or that women often have an OB/Gyn. Yet Family Medicine providers can care for each of these populations and also offer distinct benefits. They treat both individuals and the whole family, from children to adults, and in time, they come to know your family history and dynamics. This gives them a better insight into you, what may work for you, and your family. This allows your provider to treat you in a well rounded, and holistic way. By choosing a family medicine focused provider, you gain a medical professional who focuses on all aspects of your life and how those aspects influence your well-being.

Just as valuable as comprehensive care, is the focus on the patient-provider relationship. Our practitioners at Pohala take genuine interest in all aspects of your life because they understand that how you spend your time, where you like to travel or what is happening at home can affect your health and sense of well-being. By developing a relationship with you over time, family focused practitioners gain rich insight as they monitor your health.

Our family medicine focussed providers: Stefanie Aring (FNP), Julie Foster (FNP), Donna London (FNP), and  Oriol Zemko (FNP)

Other Primary Care Providers- Focused on Adults: Dr. Paresh Shelat (ND, LAc)