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Julie Foster is accepting new patients under her Membership Medicine program. 

Good health care requires a quality relationship and takes time. We need time to figure out who you are and what you need regarding your health. Natural care takes time. Holistic and preventative care requires good and steady paced communication with patients. Membership allows me to practice the medicine I loved as a child. The idea of the family doctor who knows the family. The kind of provider who isn’t just there for 15 minutes and a prescription. My goal is a personal relationship with every patient where I know the health history of a client, but also the personal needs of the patient. We work together over time to manage health and promote wellness. This is possible with membership. We create an individual plan that is used throughout the year. This allows for longer term goals and a personal relationship. I am here to meet your expectations and not the expectations of a larger organization.

-Julie Foster

What is Membership Medicine?

Membership medicine, also called concierge medicine allows for a more personal relationship between a health care provider and a patient. Patients either use insurance or cash to pay for office visits, while services outside of office visits are covered by a reasonable monthly membership fee that allows for regular contact and a personal relationship between myself and those in my care. Instead of working with over 2500 patients with very little provider to patient contact as suggested by mandates and insurance guidelines, membership allows for a much lower patient count and truly individualized care. Time to work on your health and meet your needs is no longer constrained by too short appointments and a focus on quick solutions to health concerns. Instead, we develop a relationship and create a plan together that we use throughout the year and we have time to put it into action. I am available in the office and after office hours to meet the needs of my patients through membership.

Membership Medicine Basics

New clients have an initial appointment where we discuss current health and future health goals. We talk about a plan we can use together and I then use this information to suggest immediate health care treatment if needed and how we can work together outside of appointment times. I am then available every day for general health care help as well as emotional and spiritual support if you are going through a health care crisis. You have direct access to me, whether in clinic, traveling for business, or in time of need. This is a healthcare relationship that is based on a mutual desire to create a healthy life.

I work with clients who have insurance and those who want to use the Direct Primary Care model that is cash based. We often use a combination of the two. The goal of Membership is finding a health care plan that fits into your life. If you have insurance, we use it to your advantage and then use our membership time to create a relationship that means less visits to the office and more time focusing on care.

We create a relationship during an appointment and then use modern conveniences including email, text and the phone to promote optimal health.

Membership allows me time during the day and outside of the office to be there for my patients in the way I believe family care and integrative medicine was originally designed.

Membership medicine charges a fee (either monthly, quarterly, biannually, or annually) for personalized care outside typical appointment times. I offer longer appointments (double the time of traditional appointments in clinic) and then use membership time to better know clients in order to create a personalized plan used throughout the year to promote health. This is especially important for those who have a chronic condition that needs more time and care as well as those who want to practice a healthy lifestyle and graceful aging.

Patients come first with Membership Medicine.

Yes, this should be the goal of all medicine, but current guidelines for how long a medical professional spends with patients have created a rushed and ineffective system. A system I no longer want to use in my practice. My goal is your health and this takes time. Membership gives me the time and resources to get to know you and create individualized plans that increase peace of mind as well as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Benefits of Membership Medicine

1. You are one of a select few on my patient list which means you always receive time and attention. Fewer patients means quality time.

2. It is convenient and easy to get an appointment. No more long wait times.

3. You have direct contact to me as your primary health care provider. This includes a patient portal, phone,l and email information.

4. I coordinate both standard and integrative care for specific health conditions and provide emotional and spiritual support on the journey.

5. I work with the whole family and practice holistic care including all of my western, complimentary, alternative and Anthroposophic training.

6. My focus is your health.

7. I am available for emergencies or health crises that require time and care.

8. Membership is cost effective and very convenient for those who have to manage a chronic diseases or a busy lifesytle.

If you are ready to set up a time for us to talk, please feel free to contact Pohala clinic ( or (503) 572-4196 and let the receptionist know you would like a first appointment with Julie Foster where we talk about your overall plan for a healthy life and discuss how we can create a financial plan that fits your lifestyle as well.

If you would like to learn more about my work and the Membership Medicine plan, please keep reading.

I want to return to the roots of medicine as a healing and preventative art. I became a health care specialist to help people heal and prevent illness. I want to spend time getting to know you. I want to work with you and create a health care plan that treats any existing concerns and promotes a healthy future.

You finally get an appointment for a well respected provider. You waited three months and are worried you won’t be able to get what you need in the 30 minutes allotted to the appointment. You arrive and the lobby is busy. The provider, who has a great reputation is running behind and you feel the time ticking into your own 30 minutes. You feel anxious and worried that your needs will not be met. When you finally get to the appointment, you are rushed and you can tell the provider cares about the work she or he is doing, but the clock is ticking and you rush out your current symptoms and worries. A short plan is created and a prescription is suggested. There is no talk of lifestyle changes or any time to truly discuss possible causes of your current health struggle. The appointment is over too soon and you are told to make another appointment in a few weeks (!) for a follow up. Once you leave the office, you remember all of the things you wanted to say, but now it’s too late.

This rushed and fractionated way of practicing medicine is taking the heart and spirit out of health care. Membership allows me to bring all of my training into a relationship with a patient as I have time to be there when needed.

If you long for health care that focuses on health and prevention and if you’re ready to have a relationship with the person who makes very serious decisions about your body and mind, Membership medicine is for you. There is comfort and security in knowing that your integrative health care provider can actually integrate your care and provide for you!

Is Pohala Membership Right for You?

1. Health conscience and health minded.

2. Need help with integrative care due to a chronic illness such as cancer. Want to learn more about Mistletoe therapy.

3. Mental Health support that includes partners and families for mood disorders, depression, psychotic disorders and anxiety.

4. Lifestyle management and nutrition. Help with balanced eating and healthy choices.

5. Stress management and treatment of autoimmune illnesses such as fatigue and inflammatory illnesses.

6. Want to explore alternative and holistic practices including Anthroposophic Medicine.

7. You want a family medicine provider who can help with basic health care needs and coordinate care for any of your healthcare needs.

8. As a small business you want a team that is healthy and more engaged to your company’s mission and goals.

Many of my clients use membership medicine for the whole family. This is especially true if a patient has a chronic health challenge such as a mental health diagnosis, cancer, or who wants to optimize a healthy lifestyle with a personal relationship with an expert healthcare provider.

I want to make health care a positive part of my client’s lives. I am accessible and open to many modalities of care including western care, alternative practices, holistic healing and discussing the spiritual side of health care. Membership creates an environment where integrative medicine thrives. I am here for my patients during office visits and for those special times you wish you could contact your provider. The medicine I practice needs time and a good relationship with the patient. I am here for basic questions, emergencies and life balance, spiritual support. This is my definition of a well rounded provider patient relationship.

- Julie Foster

Medicine is changing for the better… with Membership medicine, health care is more restful, convenient and based on your health care needs. Patients come first with Julie Foster membership.

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