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Tobacco: A New Perspective

In my time and experiences with indigenous ceremonies I have come from despising this plant (my upbringing and medical training taught me how bad it is) to earning a greater respect to the actual being of the plant.

I don’t believe it is the Tobacco that has harmed the people. I think it is what they did to the Tobacco out of greed and ignorance that does.

I was instructed to get to know the plant. The natives taught it is a gift for the people to be used in Ceremony as a way to pray and find one’s place in the tribe for instance. The word Tobacco can also mean a general term for various plants that can be used to pray with.

Tobacco contains nicotinic acid which is also a neurotransmitter in our brain. It helps us to relax at first and then creates an anxiety for motivation to get going. Think about when it is over used, day in and day out? That is overkill and sets up a disconnect with the real purpose. It is not to say that the 100+ toxins added to keep people addicted is a tragedy.

This plant being has sticky thick leaves, shoots up towards the sun . It then concentrates it forces to clusters of small cupped shaped yellow flowers. When it goes to seed the seeds are the size of a pinpoint and grossly abundant.

The natives have coveted this plant for hundreds of years for a good and sacred reason.

I think it is important to look past the usual knowledge of our times. Your life or situation may not be exactly what you think it is. Step back and give it a chance to teach you something more.
This is what Tobacco has taught me.

I am in a much better relationship with it now and this plant being deserves my awakening to its true nature.


Julie Foster, Nurse Practitioner in Portland, Oregon

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