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Spring Cleanse with Chinese Medicine

1) Start with a clean slate. “Detox” and “cleanse” diets are popular Spring approaches to reset the body’s systems after winter’s down-time and heavy foods. Seek advice from a medical provider or at least to help understand what kind of liver cleanse, fast, or detox regimen is right for your body. Saunas, detox-tea, dry-brushing your skin, and drinking plenty of water are ways you can boost the effect of your cleanses.

2) Eat your greens! Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) uses blue-green foods (chlorophyll rich dark leafy greens, algae) and slightly sour flavors (i.e., plum) to support the liver, the organ/energetic system that governs the smooth movement of chi (qi). In his book Healing with Whole Foods, Paul Pitchford also recommends radishes, lettuce, cucumber, and celery to help detoxify and cool the liver. If you don’t digest salads well, eat cooked veggies. Good digestion is key to good nutrition!

3) Move it! Acupuncture, exercise, meditation, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and yoga are helpful ways to move chi (qi) and keep your emotional and physical health in balance. The TCM liver and gall bladder (not just the organs in our bodies, but entire energetic systems in the TCM paradigm) the are of the wood element and require movement to help you manifest your hopes and plans. (Picture trees branching out and sprouting leaves.) Without movement, these energetic systems are prone to irritability and anger and take it out on your body’s other systems (think of any health complaint exacerbated by stress). With movement, Springtime turns their smoothly flowing chi (qi) into a super-booster for your health and your efforts!

Schedule your appointment with Malia Susee, L.Ac. at Pohala (503) 572-4196 to create a plan for you!

Malia Susee Licensed Acupuncturist

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