Chiropractic Care Specialist

Pohala Clinic PC

Family Medicine & Integrative Wellness Clinic located in Portland, OR


Chiropractic care is used by millions of patients each year to treat pain throughout the body  (1). It focuses on the skeleton, the muscles, the nerves, and the patient’s health. The practice relies on adjustments to the body in structures such as the spinal column, hips, and shoulders. Chiropractic care is currently considered one of the first lines of defense when it comes to back pain, pre-pain medication, and surgical procedures. When a patient ends up needing pain medication, or a surgical procedure their chiropractor will refer them out; however, the focus of chiropractic medicine is alignment in the body. Chiropractic care consistently rates well for patient satisfaction. In a study done in 2005, it was found that 83% of patients were satisfied, if not highly satisfied with chiropractic care (2).

Our In-Clinic Chiropractor: Dr. Julie C Foster, DC

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