Valéria Tóth, LCSW


Valéria Tóth, LCSW, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Oregon. She has a deep understanding of the social welfare system's private and public arms and knows how to work within both of them.

Valéria has close to 20 years of experience in social services, specializing in counseling, case management, interpersonal violence, and restorative justice. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, her education and experience provide her with the tools necessary to help clients improve their lives and achieve their goals. By helping individuals find their strength and inner voice, Valeria believes that all human beings can heal themselves. She uses cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, solution focused therapy, and many other modalities to help motivate clients desire to change negative thought and behavior patterns. Valéria works collaboratively with clients in a non-judgemental environment where they feel relaxed and safe so they can express their true selves and share their unique stories.

With the knowledge that most people have experienced trauma in their lives, Valéria practices trauma informed therapy which is client-centered and grounded in social justice. She believes that all human beings should have equal access to therapy and services regardless of their social, educational, financial, or cultural background. Valeria approaches therapy with empathy and compassion, understanding that people have unique experiences that influence their emotions and beliefs. People are affected by social pressures, financial hardships, professional expectations, relationships, and their own childhood experiences, all of which can include some level of trauma. Valeria provides personalized, compassionate, and skillful counseling in an ethical practice.

A native of Hungary, Valéria has an appreciation for the values she acquired by growing up in an old country rich with traditions, such as respecting elders and putting the community’s needs before one’s own. It is a natural way of life for older generations to share treasured family stories and wisdom with younger generations to aid in a meaningful and balanced life for them. Finding one’s roots and growing strong from them is something she firmly believes. However, coming from such a strong, close-knit community, Valeria knows that families and communities can harbor secrets and experience trauma from a systemic level to that of an individual’s family. Understanding your past helps to begin the healing process. Valéria understands how collective society influences who we are, as much as one’s individual, family, and culture do.

To be available for each client in the best possible way, Valéria gains her emotional strength from spending time with her three children and three grandchildren. She loves sewing, working with beautiful fabrics, and making quilts for loved ones. Gardening and watching flowers bloom and the trees grow is rewarding to her as well. She is an animal lover. If she could, she would have a farm full of all sorts of four-legged creatures. As is, she has a sweet kitty and a naughty two-year-old German Shepherd, Mika. Valéria and Mika are in constant debate about who is the queen of the household.

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