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Neural Therapy


Neural therapy uses micro-injections of non-toxic medications into and under the skin restoring the functioning of tissues, organs, and the nervous system. The non-toxic medications are procaine and specific homeopathic medications. Treatments can provide instantaneous relief that lasts from weeks to months, and even years. This procedure is beneficial for anyone suffering from pain. Athletes and active people especially appreciate this procedure because of neural therapy’s quick-acting results with limited side effects. Most people find the improvement within minutes of the procedure.

Within the nervous system, there are two parts of the unconscious mind or autonomic nervous system, the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. The parasympathetic system is responsible for rest, digestion, immune system balance, and healing. The sympathetic system is responsible for our freeze, flight, or fight.

When a person is in pain or a state of chronic disease, they are what we call, “sympathetic dominant,” where the sympathetic system is predominant and can perpetuate pain, inhibit or stop healing, and lead to anxiety and insomnia. Ultimately, longstanding sympathetic dominance leads to inflammation and pain.

Neural therapy allows for a resetting of the balance between the fight/flight and rest/digest. The person is relieved of their sympathetic dominance and they can again heal. Specifically, procaine injected between the layers of the skin or scars is metabolized into DMAE and PABA, a type of B-vitamin, which then nourishes the nervous system's cells (neurons). When the nervous system can heal and re-balance, pain fibers are reset and are no longer on high alert and the immune system can now help the tissues and body heal.


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